Fly Screens for Doors

Standard Flydoor
Standard Flydoor

Standard Flydoor

  • Custom Made
  • Surpasses all 2001 HACCP &FSAI Food and Hygiene Regulations
  • Can be fitted to all door types
  • Selection of auto-closers available
  • Available in white and brown
Industrial Flydoor
Industrial Flydoor

Heavy Duty Industrial Flydoor

  • For business use – delivery door areas / high usage areas etc
  • Added strength – strong, powder coated, mitred aluminium frame
  • 80mm x 80mm x 20mm deep with inbuilt aluminium corner cleats
  • Easy Removal – fitted with drop pin, colour coded, cast steel hinges
  • Optional Reinforced Perforated Aluminium panel in base (to134cm high)
  • Surpasses all 2001 E.U Hygiene Legislation requirements.


Heavy Duty Flydoor
Heavy Duty De Luxe

Heavy Duty De Luxe Flydoor

  • Robust and attractive – grille decorates and protects
  • Horizontal mid-rail and kick plate as standard
  • Available in a choice of colours
  • This model can be fitted with different mesh types and a matching grill on one side to protect the mesh
Fire Door Flydoor
Fire Door Flydoor

Fire Door Flydoor

  • Our Custom Made Two Way Swing Model
  • Can be fitted to any Wooden, PVC, Steel or Aluminium door
  • Unlike our other models this door is fitted with its own extension frame.
  • Works on its own two way swing, double acting two way hinges
  • Fitted to enable existing door and Flydoor to open out simultaneously
  • Meets all E.U 2001 HACCP & FSAI Food & Hygiene Regulations
Patio Flydoor
Patio Flydoor

De Lux Sliding Patio Flydoor


  • Our most attractive product (if we do say so ourselves!)
  • Fitted to the outer framework of the Patio Door - internally on most doors
  • Also possible to have a double sliding system fitted externally if required
  • Slides within its own outer frame
  • When not in use the Single Flydoor slides over the unused section
  • It fits against the existing outer framing of the door and glides along in its own Custom Made outer framing on sprung-loaded wheels.The Flydoor can slide over the fixed panel when not in use. 
Chain Link Flydoor
Chain Link Flydoor

Chain Link Flydoor


  • Cheap, yet effective alternative for Flyscreening on commercial premises as well as rear doors on domestic situations
  • Made from powder coated aluminium chain links
  • Can be easily fitted to any door width
  • Comes with its own top track fitted to over door opening
  • Chains are trimmed to height of opening space
PVC Strip Curtains
PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains


  • In order to offer the complete screening package we can supply & or fit a range of PVC Curtains in a choice of colours so that even very large openings can be successfully screened
  • Ideal for Walk In Chills, Freezers, Loading Bays, delivery vehicles
  • Suitable for warehouse doors or doorways which may require dust / draught proofing or where it is not possible to fit conventional Flyscreening


Deli Counter Screen
Deli Counter Screen

Deli Counter Screens


  • Ideal sliding system for fitting on server side of serve – over shop display units
  • Keeps out flies, while preventing energy loss by using glass instead of mesh
  • All aluminium framing, both outer and inner is powder coated
  • Available in in white or brown
PVC Mesh Curtain
PVC Coated Perforated Mesh

PVC Coated Perforated Mesh Curtains


  • Used instead of chain link flydoor
  • Can be used in a low traffic area such as doors used for ventilation only
  • Suitable for domestic use
  • Available in both standard and heavy duty strips (200mm wide)
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